Player control item - SqueezeBox binding


I’m trying to use new SqueezeBox 2.x binding but I just can’t pass Player control item configuration. I’ve added SqueezeServer in PaperUI which correctly found all of my SqueezeBox instances and gave them uuids/thing names.

Now in item file configuration I have:

Dimmer  SqueezeSalon_Volume        "Glosnosc [%.1f %%]"    { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F5F1B35B-17FD-490D-AC1E-279BA02E7BCD:b827eb48fa9d:volume" }
String  SqueezeSalon_Title "Tytul [%s]"    { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F5F1B35B-17FD-490D-AC1E-279BA02E7BCD:b827eb48fa9d:title" }
Player  SqueezeSalon_Control (SqueezeSalonControl) { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F5F1B35B-17FD-490D-AC1E-279BA02E7BCD:b827eb48fa9d:control" }

and in sitemap file I have:

Text item=SqueezeSalon_Title
Slider item=SqueezeSalon_Volume
Group item=SqueezeSalonControl

but it still is not rendering player control buttons in classic ui and android app.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried to find some docs about new Player item but only thing I’ve found are few forum threads and partial examples in new OH 2.x bindings.


I would think that it should work as you describe. Only thing I hope is that you are using

Group item=SqueezeSalon_Control

in your sitemap, i.e. including the _.
Do you have any messages in your log file when accessing this sitemap with the Classic UI?

I’ve got the same problem
Player Squeeze_Livingroom_Play "Wohnzimmer" (Music, Livingroom) { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:4C3C55E9-2F1F-49AF-BA7A-E758848FBC1E:bc5ff418ee1e:control" }
Dimmer Squeeze_Livingroom_Volume "Wohnzimmer [%.1f %%]" (Music, Livingroom) { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:4C3C55E9-2F1F-49AF-BA7A-E758848FBC1E:bc5ff418ee1e:volume" }
Group item=Squeeze_Livingroom_Play
Setpoint item=Squeeze_Livingroom_Volume label="Lautstärke [%.0f %%]" step=10

Volume is working fine, but not the Control. In the sitemap opens a new empty page.

This is because you are defining a group widget for an item that is no group.

Group item=Music

instead in your sitemap.

Yes I know, but i just want to render the player. What is the corresponding sitemap object?
As far as i would know how can i just bind the play channel to an item?
And what are allowed events for the player item?
Is it somewhere documented?


What is the corresponding sitemap object?

A missing one, see