Player in sitemap with FastForward and Rewind Button?

Hi community,
the Player items can support the command type RewindFastforward. Is there a way to show buttons in the player control for this command in the sitemap? Currently my only idea is, to use a rule and a virtual Number item with a Setpoint control. Is there an other way or should I make a feature request?
Regards, Michael

Use “Default” to get rewind/pause/play/forward buttons

Hi Martin,

This provides the previous, pause, play and next buttons, there are not buttons for FastForward and Rewind

The buttons look like FastForward and Rewind, but the send NextPreviousType.PREVIOUS and NextPreviousType.NEXT commands.

It would be nice to have 2 additional buttons with the commands RewindFastforwardType.REWIND and RewindFastforwardType.FASTFORWARD

Kind Regards,