Player item explicitly in sitemap not working (beta3)

I have a Sonos defined:


Group Sonos_Living "Sonos PLAY:1 Living" (Sonos)
Player Sonos_Living_Control    "Control [%s]"     <settings> (Sonos_Living) { channel="songs:zoneplayer:1:control"}
Dimmer Sonos_Living_Volume     "Volume [%.1f %%]" <video>    (Sonos_Living) { channel="songs:zoneplayer:1:volume" }
String Sonos_Living_State      "Status [%s]"      <settings> (Sonos_Living) { channel="songs:zoneplayer:1:state" }

default.sitemap (snippet):

Frame label="Sonos Living" {
	Group  item=Sonos_Living_Control
	Slider item=Sonos_Living_Volume
	Text   item=Sonos_Living_State
	Group  item=Sonos_Living

The controller is not being rendered properly the explicitly specified, but is working properly when rendered implicitly through the Group Sonos_Living.

The log file shows:

13:33:38.949 [WARN ] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Item 'Sonos_Living_Control' is not a group.

Is this a bug I should report?

Using OH2b3

No, because it is not a bug. The log message is completely right, this item is not a group, is it?

You should note that there is no player widget available. But the good news is that I have recently introduced the Default widget type, which should work nicely by defining

	Default  item=Sonos_Living_Control
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I will give it a try soon.

Default item type works. Case closed.

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