Player item in sitemap

I have the openHAB 2.0.0.b1 setup. I have a Sonos system on my network, and I have setup my things, items and sitemap borrowing heavily from the examples on:

Notably I have the following items:

String CurrentTrack {channel="sonos:zoneplayer:1:currenttrack"}
Player Sonos_Control (ControllerGroup) {channel="sonos:zoneplayer:1:control"}

and the following Frame in my sitemap:

Frame label="Sonos" {
            Text item=CurrentTrack label="Sonos - Current Track  [%s]"
            Group item=ControllerGroup label="Sonos"

The current track shows fine in the UIs, but when I click on the Sonos group (hoping to see some kind of play/stop/next/prev etc control) I see nothing.

Is there a supported way to connect a Player item into the UI?

That looks like it should work - have you missed out the ControllerGroup from the items file?

I don’t think I’ve missed it out – so in fact the relevant lines in the items files are:

Group ControllerGroup   

String CurrentTrack {channel="sonos:zoneplayer:1:currenttrack"}
Player Sonos_Control (ControllerGroup) {channel="sonos:zoneplayer:1:control"}

Strange, that works for me. I use the SqueezeBox addon instead but here’s my config:


Frame label="Test" {
    Group item=Squeeze


Group Squeeze
String test_player_title "Now Playing [%s]" <radio> (Squeeze) { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F3ACC918-2FF2-4502-9C3D-1F20A198EBDF:000000000001:title" }
Player test_player "Controls"  (Squeeze)  {channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F3ACC918-2FF2-4502-9C3D-1F20A198EBDF:000000000001:control"}
Dimmer test_player_volume "Volume [%.1f %%]"  <volume> (Squeeze) { channel="squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:F3ACC918-2FF2-4502-9C3D-1F20A198EBDF:000000000001:volume" }

@danielwalters86 are you also on 2.0.0.b1?