Playing Internet Radio via Kodi binding


I wanne play an internet radio via the Kodi binding.

I had chosen an internet radio and marked it as favorite inside Kodi.
Now I want to play the favorite with the playfavorite command but I don´t know how.

Can you please help me with that topic or do you have a better idea to play internet radio via the Kodi Binding?

Thanks a lot :wink:

Hi Tony,

There are several solutions how to do it. Do you know the title of your favorite? You can send the title in a rule to an item linked to the playfavorite channel. Notice: The comparison is case sensitive. Or you can implement a Selection element in a sitemap. In Paper UI or HABPanel the selection is populated automatically by the Kodi binding (in Basic UI too if you are using OH2 snapshot version). What is your preferred way?