Playlists string item Habpanel

Good morning,

Quick question regarding the the Spotify binding (thanks to the developer!).
The spotify binding provides the “playlists” channel as a string.
I’ve created all the items according to the channels.
Now, when I look in PaperUI I see all my “playlists” separated nicely by name.
But what shall I use to present the playlists in Habpanel. When I “just” list the itemValue, it’s one string, without the actual playlists names in it…

Thank you!

In Habpanel there is a widget Selection that works with playlists.

Hi @hilbrand,

So I could use the code below in a custom widget:

< widget-selection ng-model="<modelname>"></widget-selection>

And refer to the item spot_playlists in the model init?

Thanks for the quick response!