playSound() and say()

Search returned no results, I’m sorry, if something is missed.
playSound () and say() could be made to work only on paperUI.
Can they work on BasisUI?
Thank you.

I’m using OH 1.8.3 so there is no paper UI but playSound() works fine, however; the say command couldn’t return any voice just like you. Any help?

Both functions aren’t related to the UI.
Whether they work is another story. say() obviously requires a properly configured TTS module, and both require Java sound output to work on your HW/OS combo.

In OH2 “say” with sink “webaudio” is only working IF habpanel ui is open in the browser.

what about getting the say command in OH 1.8.3 to work?

Hello! Both functions I work well when opened paperUI. I use basiсUI. Can these functions to work with basiсUI?
Thank you.

Hello! Yes, I use webaudio. In paperUI everything works well. The question was whether it could work in basisUI?
Thank you.

no, it does not.

Such a concrete answer and I needed.
Now I know that the reason is not my hand curves.
Thank you!