Playsound does not find files!?


I’m just transferring to from OH1 to OH2 (finally) and got everything working except my doorbell. When trying to execute the command playSound(“doorbell.mp3”)

I get this error:
10:02:11.517 [ERROR] [] - Cannot play sound '/doorbell.mp3': runtime/sounds/doorbell.mp3 (No such file or directory)

The file is in the correct folder… and also this was working in exact this way under OH1. Is there something different in OH2?

Thanks for any help!


This indeed currently does not work, but is fixed with I hope to be able to merge this in the coming days!

wow - thanks for the fast answer! Good to know that I’m not to stupid to get in running :slight_smile:

Is there any workaround?

No, I don’t think so…

Hi Kai,

Is this now in the current Snapshot?


Not yet, but hopefully by the end of the week!

I’m having this same issue on a fairly recent build of OH2. Was this issue as fixed (it appears so from the linked issue)?

I have the sound files in /runtime/sounds and calling with playSounds, but get the error that file wasn’t found.

Any other suggestions?

Yes, try the conf/sounds folder, that’s the new location, see here.

Perfect - that did the trick. Thanks @Kai