PLC (Power Line Communication)


Maybe you will be interested in a solution …
Application: IoT, “Smart home”, etc…

There is a developed and tested PLC modem. Work on any AC / DC lines.
Implementation on MCU STM32F303CBT6. Minimum parts for the analog part. Tested at a distance of 150-200 m. Estimated distance 300-350 m. Speed ​​19200 bps. I couldn’t think of anything cheaper and easier to manufacture.


There is an introductory kit as a set of boards (for voltage 9-24V; AC / DC; inverter 9-24-> 5V on the modem board):



20200626_174059|666x500 !

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Are there any additional details on the circuit? How does it do with noise such as high current draw on the DC lines? I’m very interested in trying to make something like this.

Thank you very much for the details. I walked through your pages and found the schematic as well as some introductions.
Can you please be so kind sharing the code for interfacing with varying protocol using the modem? I am looking for way to utilize your modem with magnetic valve to control water pipes on my farm with NodeMCU. I am a newbie on this field but wanting to make use of IOT for good farming.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
Dang Dinh Ngoc
From Vietnam.