PLCbus problem


I am trying to set up the plcbus binding on my 1.8.2 Openhab installation. Everything else works - including other bindings.

I have installed the .jar file in the addon folder - and added the configurations in the openhab.cfg file - as well as added items, rules and sitemap entries - according to instructions.

But I dont get any data - and it seems that the binding is simply not working.

In my logfile I get:
2016-06-02 17:38:05.295 [ERROR] [.AbstractReceiveFrameContainer] - Error while parsing ReceiveFrame
2016-06-02 17:38:05.378 [ERROR] [.AbstractReceiveFrameContainer] - Error while parsing ReceiveFrame

Any suggestions ?

Thank you


Hey Cody_lee

I am also trying to run the plcbus-binding did you have any succes or replies or is PLCBUS no longer alive and used by anyone.

Hi Masta Carlos

Yes, try below:

  1. download and save in /usr/share/openhab2/addons/
  2. In openhab2 console install feature openhab-transport-serial and openhab-runtime-compat1x
  3. create your .items file and .sitemap file

sorry for my english is not my native language


Hey Cody_Lee

Sorry for my late reply
Thanks for the info.
The tar file you have added no longer worked.
I used this one
Its working now thanks :smile: