PLClogo and rollershutter


I´m using openhab version 2.5.4-1 on Raspberry Pi 2 and hav included the PLCLogo binging. It works fine and I can read/write network Inputs (NI). On PLC is running the rollershutter UDF from an with open switches it works realy well (Thanks to Tobias Kolb).

But I can’t manage to configure the Things and Items so that it also works as a Rollershutter in openhab.


Bridge plclogo:device:Logo1 [ address=" family="0BA8", localTSAP="0x300", remoteTSAP="0x200", refresh=100 ]

  Thing digital Inputs  [ kind="I" ]
  Thing digital Outputs [ kind="Q" ]
  Thing memory  VW100   [ block="VW100", threshold=1 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_1   [ block="VB0.1", observe="NI1", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_2   [ block="VB0.2", observe="NI2", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_3   [ block="VB0.3", observe="NI3", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_4   [ block="VB0.4", observe="NI4", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_5   [ block="VB0.5", observe="NI5", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_6   [ block="VB0.6", observe="NI6", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB0_7   [ block="VB0.7", observe="NI7", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_0   [ block="VB1.0", observe="NI8", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_1   [ block="VB1.1", observe="NI9", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_2   [ block="VB1.2", observe="NI10", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_3   [ block="VB1.3", observe="NI11", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_4   [ block="VB1.4", observe="NI12", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_5   [ block="VB1.5", observe="NI13", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_6   [ block="VB1.6", observe="NI14", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB1_7   [ block="VB1.7", observe="NI15", pulse=250 ]
  Thing pulse   VB2_0   [ block="VB2.0", observe="NI16", pulse=250 ]


Rollershutter   EG_Terasse_Tuer_Rollade         "Terasse Tuer [%d %%]"     <rollershutter>    (gLogo)    ["Rollershutter"]          {channel=""}
Switch          EG_Rollo_Terasse_Tuer_Auf       "Terasse Tuer Auf"          { channel="plclogo:pulse:Logo1:VB0_3:state" }
Switch          EG_Rollo_Terasse_Tuer_Hoch      "Terasse Tuer Hoch"         { channel="plclogo:digital:Logo1:Outputs:Q3" }
Switch          EG_Rollo_Terasse_Tuer_Ab        "Terasse Tuer Ab"           { channel="plclogo:pulse:Logo1:VB0_4:state" }
Switch          EG_Rollo_Terasse_Tuer_Runter    "Terasse Tuer Runter"       { channel="plclogo:digital:Logo1:Outputs:Q4" }