Please, add Zwave device Philio PSR03-C to DB

Please, add Z-Wave Remote Philio PSR03-C to database. Thanks!

Welcome to openHAB.

Your device is in the database:

If this is not the correct one please add it yourself or post the xml from your userdata/zwave folder so someone here can add it.


In database there is a device PSR03-B

But no PSR03-C

Where can i get xml?

Can you describe what problem you are trying to resolve - I’m not sure what XML you refer to as users generally shouldn’t need to worry about XMLs. There are different XMLs - either generated automatically by the binding, or by the database for different purposes, but neither is something you should need to worry about.

When I add a device, I see

and there is no items to link

Ok, so the device must be added to the database.

To do this you’ll need to follow the instructions as @sihui already provided, or post the XML, as @sihui also mentioned :wink:

We have however changed to a new database site in the meantime, so you can find that here -:

Thanks, xml file from folder:
network_db408be9__node_7.xml (9.7 KB)

I’ve created the device here. It will require some work to provide all the data - if you can do this it would be appreciated.

Where is Edit button?

As per the instructions, first you need to register for an account, then open a ticket so we can give you edit rights. As much as I’d love to just make the system completely open, the internet is full of people who delight in just messing things up :slight_smile:

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Ok, i see

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Ok, i have added device (
When will it be available in openhab?

It should already be available?

in the latest snapshot.

It is easiest to use the script to install.
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

I see, but on command
openhabian@openhab:/usr/share/openhab2/addons $ bash --ACTION zwave --ZWAVE_BRANCH development
the result is
Unrecognized argument: --ZWAVE_BRANCH

@5iver could best help here.

OpenHAB recently did some reorganization of the development files. the script may need adjusting.

Yes, there are some troubles

Script version: 1.2.8

 *****     SUMMARY     *****     

Addons path: /usr/share/openhab2/addons
openHAB account: root
Requested action: Install or upgrade Z-Wave binding
Current openHAB snapshot version: 2.5.9
Requested Z-Wave version: openHAB snapshot

Is this correct?

  1. Yes, start now
  2. No, take me back to the first menu
  3. Exit
    #? 1

Uninstalling any managed binding(s) and installing serial transport…
… if prompted for a password for the Karaf console, the default password is ‘habopen’…

Logging in as openhab
… a ‘No matching bundles’ error mesage is normal, if a binding had not been previously installed.

Backing up and uninstalling any unmanaged installs of Z-Wave…

!!! It has taken more than two minutes to uninstall the Z-Wave binding, so exiting !!!

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