Please help! GPIO binding OH2 for raspberry pi 3

Hello friends, I am having several troubles with GPIO binding because I can not find any docs about setting it up with OH2 so I need some experts probably show me how to start from the scratch.

  1. I installed GPIO binding through addons.cfg and everything was fine but I couldn’t find any file such as gpio.cfg inside services folder. How can I manage to set it up?

  2. I intended to use a gpio pin (pin 17 for example) of raspberry pi 3 as an input contact. I want everytime I press down the button connected to this pin, then the item on OH2 website must be updated simultaneously. What should I do? Please show me deliberately, I’m not a so-called programmer

I would be extremely appreciated if anyone could help me through

Do the official docs help?

Oh I can do it now thanks for the link!
I’m very appreciated!!!

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