Please review device changes for CT100


Would somebody be kind enough to review my changes for the CT100 device in the database at:

I’ve added a new device ID (6501:000b) to the device id list and have placed the device in “requested review”. I need to get this OH2 setup as soon as possible and am not familiar with github work/process. I guess that even after it’s been reviewed, it has to be PR’d into OH2’s latest snapshot? I’m hoping that after this is all said and done, I could just use the OpenDebian config menu to get the latest OH2 snapshot, remove and reinstall the device, and then I’d be good to go? Sorry for the noobness and thanks for any help.

Thanks to whomever reviewed the changes to the CT100 database entry.

Now, for a noob like me, is updating my CT100 binding so that it is recognized as simple as:

  1. remove the old CT100 device from my OpenHab
  2. do an sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade
  3. reboot
  4. reattach the CT100 device
  5. drink a beer

I currently have the OpenHabian installation. There was a menu option in the openhabian-config program that’s entitled something like “Update OpenHabian 2 to the latest snapshot”. Would I do that too or instead of sudo commands in step 2 above?

Thank you for the help.