Please show me your custom OH3-Widgets (not HABPanel)

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I do realize that those OH3 widgets can be customized in a pretty powerfull way… and would like to build some myself, but I have no time to dig into HTML/CSS right now - so I want to “be inspired” (copy & paste) from you guys. Doesn’t have to be perfect! I appreciate any input.
Side-Question: I have seen the word framework7 and vue a lot while googleing… so I wonder, can I get my inspiration from other compatible software/forum/templates/generators?

It’s all here in the forum:

disagree, it’s not “all”, there are some, mostly starting with problems and I would have to understand sometimes the full topic to get it replicated. I was more looking for some examples of people who just have done something for themselves without posting it here.

I’m afraid you need to dive into the topics.
Even if somebody posts the YAML code, you still need to know how to integrate your items into this code or how to use the parameters to configure the items in the gui.
Since there’s no widget repository in oh, you need to search the forum.

All the example Pages widgets are posted to the Add-ons -> UIs categories.

Honestly, then you won’t be successful. I’ve found that for the most part cargo-cult programming does not work well for widgets. You kind of have to understand how they work to use them successfully.

Beyond that, I’ve shown a simple custom list widget in the updates to the getting started tutorial.

I believe F7 is built on Vue and openHAB Pages is built on F7. So learning F7 will likely provide the information you need to understand and successfully use the examples that have been posted.