Plex with openhab 1.8.0

hi all,
is this working for anyone? I’m sure my config is correct, and not errors in the log. but I am not getting any update on the page. Its basically copied directly from github and I’ve updated openhab.cfg

String PlexTVStatus "Status [%s]" <video> (GF_Media) {plex="22d681e6-a2c7-4fcd-be09-e36af9336960#state"} String PlexTVTitle "Title [%s]" <video> (GF_Media) {plex="22d681e6-a2c7-4fcd-be09-e36af9336960#title"} Switch PlexTVPause "Pause" <video> (GF_Media) {plex="22d681e6-a2c7-4fcd-be09-e36af9336960#playback/pause"}

thank you

Status works for me, and play/pause show correctly on the UI, however, if I try to manually play/pause nothing happens. My server is

Same for me. I am running Plex server and openhab 1.8.1. Did anyone get it to work for play/pause/stop buttons?

Be sure to get the latest version of the binding, this has an added ‘playback/playpause’ property that toggles the state. What client are you using?

I tried it with Rasplex running on another pi as well as a Chrome client. The binding version is 1.8.1

just upgraded to 1.8.1 and all is working fine now don’t know if it was me or something else. using the chrome client. thanks all for your input.