Plex Binding, can I get status' from the server?

I’ve looked at the binding and it seems to be player based. I’m hoping to get the server status, ie any sessions running on the server. Can the binding do this, or should I muck around with http/xml via http://mysevername:32400/status/sessions?X-Plex-Token=myplextoken

Openhab 1.8

So using the http binding I’ve managed to get something out of it.
String plex_sessions "Plex [%s]" <video> (g_plex) { http="<[http://server:32400/status/sessions?X-Plex-Token=token:60000:XPATH(/MediaContainer/Video/User/@title)]" }

But how would I join two sessions?
So there’d be a /MediaContainer[1]/Video/User/@title and (/MediaContainer[2]/Video/User/@title (I think, or it’s the Video level that would have 1 and 2).