Plex Binding: cant connect OH2 to Plex


I’m unable to get Plex connected to OH2 using the Plex-binding (both running on same machine)

Here is debug:
21:03:59.175 [DEBUG] [b.binding.plex.internal.PlexConnector] - []: Websocket connection error
21:03:59.176 [DEBUG] [b.binding.plex.internal.PlexConnector] - Error connecting to Plex
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: wss://

Since I guess this is before actually connecting to OH2 I’ll just add the plex.cfg (note that I installed through paper UI, this is from /var/lib/openhab/config/org/openhab and not /etc/openhab2/services )


I checked via browser and can see list of clients. Also added IP in Plex settings to “List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth”.

Plex version
OH2 version: 2.5.10
Plex binding version: 1.14.0

Help appreciated! :slight_smile:

an other user added to the local hosts file ( see [SOLVED] Plex Binding Bug or config problem? ). This may help in your case, too.

Hey no this doesnt seem to resolve the issue. :frowning: