Plex Binding status works fine but commands not working, e.g. play, pause, etc

I’m using OpenHab2 v2.2 on a Raspberry Pi and Plex is running on Synology with the latest version to date which is a PlexPass version and v1.11.0 of the Plex addon.

I can implement any of the monitor functions such as e.g. playback/progress, playback/endTime using the Plex addon but any command functions e.g. playback/pause, etc. don’t work.

I have narrowed it down in the Plex debug log to the following line -
May 27, 2018 11:42:03.781 [0x7f87d9bff700] WARN - [CompanionProxy] request didn’t contain required argument: commandID

Digging around I found that I could send commands using curl like the following example so I can prove it should be possible in theory with the client I’m using however I can’t get past this commandID error.

curl -H "X-Plex-Client-Identifier: " -H "X-Plex-Target-Client-Identifier: " http://:32400/player/playback/play?commandID=1000

The command above works fine but note the commandID at the end, which according to the Plex API doc needs to be an incrementing number for each command, however it also says that it should be OPTIONAL! I thought I’d try it with the iPhone and iPad clients but they have a long client identifier and for some reason it doesn’t seem to work with the curl command and gives an error like “unable to find player with identifier AFB2C513-0A44-4FEF-B1AC-96A6DC77CCAA”. The other client identifier that works with the curl command is much shorter like “jaxy5ybcbdltq”.

The API is documented at -

Anyone had any success with this?

I have exactly the same issue.
Any luck with this?

I seem to have the same problem - did you guys work it out?