Plex Casting

Hi all, I’ve got my Plex server up and running on v4!

I’m curious, is there a way, via a script or something similar, to be able to cast Plex music to a Chromecast speaker?

I used this in Home Assistant, but I like openHAB better and would love to know if this is possible.

Probably not the answer you want, but check out plexamp. I’m not sure where you can cast to but it works very well as a player imo.

Yeah, I’m aware of Plexamp, thanks. Was hoping I could automate a Casting session through the Plex binding as part of an automation.

Casting sessions have to come from a player unfortunately. The server doesn’t inherently cast. You could in theory dedicate some kind of linux docker on the plex server to act as a permanent client, but that would be custom end to end.

Ah, makes sense. Home Assistant’s integration must have a player component built in to allow it to cast media via their integration… is there a DLNA-type binding that could work on OpenHAB? Open to any suggestions to get a playlist going (the lack of the Chromecast providing a notification is the problem I’m trying to solve). Right now, I just have my media in the sounds folder of openHAB and stream locally.

Hopefully that makes sense…