Plex Status Refresh Rate


I’ve searched quite a bit for this question but couldn’t find anything, but my apologies if it’s already been asked and I didn’t find it.

Does anyone know if the speed at which Plex refreshes the playback status can be changed to be faster? In my Items file for Plex I have a the following:

String PlexTVStatus "Status [%s]" <video> {plex="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-com-plexapp-android#state"}

I know there’s a Refresh setting in the Plex Binding Configuration, but no matter what I set that to, anything less than 5000ms, openHAB only receives an update on the playback status every 5000ms. Ideally I’d like to get this a lot faster so that rules can react to playing and pausing without delay.

Does anyone know if this can sped up at all?