Pls help with python->dsl conversion

As I dont feel like good time to play with experimental jsr or jython yet, I would like to ask some brains to help me convert existing python code which I use somewhere else, to the DSL format for OH

much appreciated :wink:

round(pressure/pow(1.0 - 0.0065 * alt / (temperature + 273.15),5.255),1)

pressure and temperature will be taken from Item.state and alt is constant but I’m especially interested if DSL can have pow and how’s correct syntax

(if anyone wondering, this is formula to re-calculate absolute pressure to the sealevel pressure)
Thank you

JSR223 is not experimental. Only the PaperUI UI and Rules stored in the JSONDB are experimental.

You will need to convert the states to primitives (e.g. (MyItem.state as Number).doubleValue).

till it requires ssh console to get it work, yes it is
(and on docker image where is not openhab-console it’s not doable anyways)

well this bit i know indeed … :slight_smile:
not sure about pow, it’s not working like this

val pressure = (MyPressure.state as Number).doubleValue
val temperature = (MyPressure.state as Number).doubleValue
val alt = 305

Math.round(pressure/Math.pow(1.0 - 0.0065 * alt / (temperature + 273.15),5.255),1)

Then it’s been experimental for about 8 years, which is when JSR223 was first introduced and it may forever remain so long after Rules DSL is deprecated. Though if you have openHABian it’s completely possible to configure it for use through the samba share.

The result of your calculation needs to be converted to a primitive too. All results of calculations are stored in BigDecimal Objects in Rules DSL.

thank you
this works

var Number sealevel = Math.round((pressure/Math.pow(1.0 - 0.0065 * alt / (temperature + 273.15),5.255)) * 10) / 10.0