"Plugin could not be resolved. Ensure the plugin's groupId, artifactId and version are present' on 2.5.x

Long time no talk to all of you

I recently had to review on old binding I have lying around (and that never got published). In the pom I have some section that reads like


for which I get the error mentioned here above. I also get the same error in org.openhab.binding.tado, which is using a similar section in pom.xml

Strangly enough, the plugin does exist in the maven repo, with that version number, and evenmore it is cached in my .m2 repo as it should be.

Still, it is not getting resolved

Does anyone have any clue on what has to be done in order to solve this? I already removed the .m2, did compile it by hand using mvn directly and so forth, but in eclipse it simply fails


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