Pokeys57E Contact and One-Wire questions

I know that @sipvoip and some others are using the Pokeys57E with Openhab. The device is very appealing when looking at cost per input. However, the only drawback is that I cannot find a lot of instances of people using this device outside of a few posts on this forum. I have a few questions, I am hoping people on this forum might be able to answer.

Contact Usage:
I have all of my windows and doors (interior/exterior) pre-wired for contacts. For my exterior doors, I am using an HAI/leviton Omnipro. I would like to use the Pokeys for my windows and interior doors.

  • I have been using GRI door contacts with EOL resistors - there is no EOL resistor with a Pokeys, just a pull-up resistor attached to the panel itself, correct? In that case there is no “trouble” state you can detect w/ the pokeys, right?
  • The board looks sort of small, how do you get 57 pullup resistors cleanly attached? Does anyone have a picture they can share?
  • How quickly (in combination) with the modbus binding can you detect a contact change?

One Wire:
I would like to a pokeys for several places where I had 4-wire security wire run and instead use inexpensive one-wire sensors.

  • How do you power 30 or so 1-wire sensors? A power distribution block of some sort? Pictures would be great.
  • Do you still use a pull-up resistor when you move a zone to 1-wire mode?
  • I would like to measure temp / humidity. I think I would use something like this? Any recommendations for a good place to get surface mount enclosures for those?
  • I would like to (in the same location as the temp/humidity sensor) measure light. Is that possible with one-wire and the pokeys? I am not seeing a light of light sensors for one-wire? I did see one I2C version from adafruit.


  • Most of my stuff is currently mounted inside of enclosures, which keeps them neat and tidy. How are people mounting these? Pictures would be great.

Any help would be appreciated!

On the contacts your right, you only get open or closed. My house has 5 Pokeys57Es with 3 of them for door and window contacts, one for each floor. They have internal pull up resistors so all you need to do is switch ground through the contact and it will pull down the pin, you should not need any external pullup resistors.

I have my modbus refresh set to 250ms, that catches everything for me.

As far as 1-wire, yes, you can just use a wire nut, I use a pull up resistors. Never tried a one-wire light sensor, you would need to ask them.

As far as mounting, I use Leviton 47602-24E boxes, they have a plywood back so I just use small wood screws to conect everything to the back of the box.

@sipvoip Thanks for the info!

A couple of follow up questions if you don’t mind.

  • What are you using to provide power for your 1-wire sensors? I assume its an external power source (not parasitic) but what type/brand/ how many sensors can it power?
  • So for 1-wire you need pull-up resistors, but you don’t for contacts? Why is that?
  • How are you mounting your 1 wire / temp humidity sensors in the room?

Thanks again!

Another question. What power supply are you using for the pokeys? Manual says it can be anywhere between 5v and 12v. Is there a specific power supply you are driving it with?

I ordered a Pokeys57e as well as a USB breakout device so I can grab 5v power from a USB adapter. Hopefully that will work.

I ordered a Pokeys57e as well as a USB breakout device so I can grab 5v power from a USB adapter. Hopefully that will work.

USB breakout device + kindle charger seems to power the Pokeys57e just fine.

@sipvoip - What value resistor did you end up using for your 1-wire devices?