[Poll] Number of Bindings used in configuration?


openHAB 2.0 is near, the number of openHAB enthusiasts is increasing and openHAB integrates more and more systems.

There are more than 150 bindings listed in the Wiki and i am curious how many bindings are used in an average configuration.

So, the question is: How many bindings are you using in your openHAB system?

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12! :smile:

Hi John,

woud you please so kind an change the last enry into “more than 10”. the systems allows not to edit the poll, because i am not a moderator.

And congrats - currently you are the winner :slight_smile:


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That’s not within my permissions. I think it used to be though… :confused:

Ok no Problem

Just Bindings or all Add-ons?

13 spread over a master and a slave, although some may be built into OH2?

Astro, Exec, GPIO, HTTP, Mail, MQTT. Mqttitude, OneWire, RFXCOM, SamsungTV, MAPDB, Weather, Wemo, and soon to be added Hue

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@rlkoshak Just Bindings, but feel free to describe all your Add-ons .

Currently 6

  • zwave
  • astro - loving the event trigger support
  • mqtt1
  • expire1 - has really simplified or eliminated a lot of my rules
  • network - I can’t use dhcpListen nor system ping but the rest works great
  • http1

I will add back in the near future:

  • nest
  • ZoneMinder (not official yet)
  • Roku (maybe, I’m pretty happy with my HTTP and rules approach, not official yet)
  • Dash Button (if I ever come up with a good use for them, and assuming I can get it to work from within the docker container)
  • IP Camera (if I decided I don’t want to go through the pain of getting ZM working again, not yet official)

I will use HTTP for weather. So when all is said and done and I’m back to where I was I’ll probably be running 8 or 9.

However, this list is just a little misleading because I run OH 2 in a Docker container. Consequently certain bindings like Exec do not work for me. I’ve outsourced the stuff I was using those bindings for to a script that runs on a “real” host which I command and get results back using MQTT.

I used to have more but this crash that is forcing me to rewrite everything again (my only backup was from my OH 1.8.3 install) is causing me to cull the unused bindings.

Beyond bindings I’m using:

  • UI:basicui
  • UI:paperui
  • Persistence:mapdb
  • Action:nma
  • Action:mqtt
  • Transformation:map
  • Transformation:jsonpath
  • Misc:openhabCloud

I will be adding in the near future:

  • Persistence:influxdb
  • Transformation:xpath (maybe)
  • Transformation:xslt (maybe)