Poll of a ZWave node, change the state of item

I have a ZWave node (ZDB5100 wall switch) with a binary-switch item representing each of the 4 buttons on the wall switch.

  1. If I push a button on the wall-switch, the state of the corresponding binary-switch is correctly updated to OFF (timestamp in log-file 20:18:18.202).
  2. When the node polling starts, the wall-switch seems to send ON as the current state, and thus the corresponding binary-switch is updated to ON (timestamp in log-file (timestamp in log-file 20:20:03.826).
  3. When pushing the wall-switch, the state ON is reported (which actually is the correct value), but the corresponding binary-switch is already updated to ON (timestamp in log-file 20:20:43.776).

oh_001.log (297.1 KB)

Please note that I did the adoption of the ZDB5100 wall-switch in the zwave-db, and that the strange behavior that I see can come from a invalid/wrong specification.

Any help is very much appreciated. The current situation is that all curtains opens, and lights turns on in our house without touching the wall-switches (also during night) :grinning:

I found the issue, with help from the device vendor.

The problem was that the in the default configuration, the switch returned the state of the led, not the state of the switch.

In order to fix this the parameter 19, 27, 35 and 43 need to be changed to the value 2 (“As if pushbutton activated”).


I think it would be good to add this to the database so that it goes into the documentation. If I add the following, is it correct (feel free to suggest something else :slight_smile: ).

Note that by default, polling of the binary switch returns the state of the the LED, and not the state of the switch. To change this, you must change parameters 19, 27, 35 and 43 to the value 2 (“As if pushbutton activated”).

Yes, that sounds correct.

And thanks for updating the db.

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