Polling with hue binding


I am having problems understanding the Hue binding for openHAB:

I have several hue lights in my home, including motion sensors and switches.

When looking for instructions on the web I find many articles stating that there are two restrictions using openHAB together with Hue:

a) in general, all hue lights, will not inform openHAB about their status change (push mode) but instead it is required that openHAB polls the devices frequently, e.g. once per second

b) it is only possible to include hue lights as things into openHAB, not motion sensors or switches.

When trying a) and b) on my own installation I found that a) seems to be partially true (some lights send updates, some don’t, have not found a pattern) and b) seems to be completely true (for me, all devices but lights are not found bei openHAB).

However, I don’t understand that. If a) were really true, how would Hue work internally? Somehow the devices need to inform the bridge about their status change! If I activate polling for e.g. a motion sensor, then the battery will be empty very quickly too. Also, if b) were true it would not make sense to write any rules etc. for hue because obviously I need to have access to information about triggered motion sensors or pushed buttons to do home automation.

So if a) and / or b) were true, Hue would be useless for home automation solutions, at least using openHAB. Can anyone explain to me how it’s really like? Thanks a lot!

Best, Torsten

Hi Torsten,
for b) yes it is true, motion sensors and switches have to be polled. This is no restriction of OH, but of Hue. See: HowTo: Use Philips Hue sensors (Motion Sensor / Dimmer Switch)
a) I can’t answer definetively, but I don’t think polling is involved for updating lights state.


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