Pool automation musing

So my old single speed pool pump died and I started looking around for a replacement. I have long wanted to add some automation to the pool and this is the time. I see that there is a Pentair binding but Pentair only has a one year warranty whereas some others have a considerably longer. Are there any other bindings for Heyward or Black & Decker for example.

As I was looking around I discovered the WaterGuru which measures chlorine levels. Does anyone know of an inline chlorinator that has a remote controlled valve? If there is such a device it could be combined with the WaterGuru to control the chlorine levels. Has anyone already done this?

So I ended up buying a Black & Decker 1.5HP variable speed pump. There is an optional “Automation Adapter” that can be purchased separately. I’ll get one of those once I have this think installed and running manually.