Popp 012501 + OH2

Yes - this is a new device class. In the development version I have all classes as defined in the zwave doc, but it’s no in the current version…

I’ll try and update this tonight.

Chris, I can’t use it until now. What’s the state?

Sorry - I missed this in the last database update. I’ll do another update tonight or tomorrow.

Hmm - I guess that since this is a lock controller, it needs the security classes which are not currently supported, so the database update won’t help much - sorry. Hopefully security will be added very soon…

Also, the database needs the configuration parameters adding, so it might be good if you can take a look at this?


I asked the Popp support. This xml they did send back:


looks the most is secured.


Yep - as expected for a lock…

Unfortunately that means it won’t currently work even with the database update. I’m hoping to get a test version which includes security available in the coming week or so.

I did notice, you did use the holliday to do something. Thats nice. I can check first in some days. I did kill the board while starting the test with the input. So I’ve to wait until I have a new one.

I also have one of these boards.

Does anyone have any idea how to manipulate the ‘sensors’ to activate/deactivate the lock?

As stated above - it’s not possible at the moment as the binding doesn’t support security.

So just asking, OH2 has no capability to add zwave devices securely?

That’s correct - this is not currently possible right now. It is in the development version, which will hopefully be available for widespread testing very soon, but it will likely be a while before it’s in the master branch.

Nice, so you can test something. My device will not working longer. It’s dead :cry:. Be carfule with the IN - connect to +DC can kill the board! Only an switch between GND and IN will work.

I’m looking forward. It’s a nice job you are doing for us.

Having the same problem here. Any updates?

There are lots of updates in the development discussion thread -:

Thanks for pushing this topic, Chris! Will have a look!

Hi chris,
are there any news about using the popp-board?

I read the information about a testbinding with secure-support - i am playing with OH2-snapshot version. Is the z-wave binding with secure-support a component of der OH2-snapshot or do i have to install the testbinding explicit?

Karl Heinz

Could you please update on the news regarding using the POPP lock with OH2?

Those news are already in a post above:

To use security you need to install the development version of the zwave binding, read the first couple of posts on how to do that …

Hello dear,

Do you recommend this lock, I am interesting to know your reference