Popup a widget from another widget and gives props to the new popup


i had a widget with a button , from there i call antoher widget.

- component: oh-button
                    text: Mehr Informationen
                    action: popup
                    actionModal: widget:kodi_details_info
                      item: prefix1

in my first widget i set a prop.

- description: prefix definieren (Item)
      label: actor Image prefix
      name: prefix1
      required: true
      type: TEXT```

now in my second widget i show images with this code

 item: =[props.prefix1 + '_actor1_thumbnail']

i know that this is wrong, but how can i give the prefix that i set in widget 1 to widget 2 and how can i call them?


i found it myself

the image code must be

item: =[props.item + '_actor5_thumbnail']