Possible 1-Wire Binding Bug

I’ve just spent quite a long time getting the 1-wire binding to work due to a possible bug.
The 2 Items below result in the second one not updating
Number OneWireTempSensor1 { onewire=“deviceId=28.14560F060000;propertyName=temperature;add=0.0;multiply=1.0;refreshinterval=10” }
Number OneWireTempSensor2 { onewire=“deviceId=28.6F040F060000;propertyName=temperature;add=0.0;multiply=1.0;refreshinterval=10” }

whereas the two below work correctly

Number FirstOneWireTempSensor { onewire=“deviceId=28.14560F060000;propertyName=temperature;add=0.0;multiply=1.0;refreshinterval=10” }
Number SecondOneWireTempSensor { onewire=“deviceId=28.6F040F060000;propertyName=temperature;add=0.0;multiply=1.0;refreshinterval=10” }

The only different thing different is the item names, and that I moved them to the top of the file to avoid scrolling, and clearing the cache didn’t do anything. I’m using Openhab V1.8 Nightly from around a month ago.


it could be this bug, if you have the OneWireClearCacheItems configured : https://github.com/openhab/openhab/issues/3194

The fix was merged this morning: https://github.com/openhab/openhab/pull/3303

It should be fixed in the nightly tomorrow.


Thanks Dennis,
for now I’m sticking with the revised names simply because its working, I’m also going to get more sensors so I may have to update once they arrive.