Possible Bug showing icons

Hi, first newbie post.
have shifted from oh1 to oh2 okey.
the problem i am facing is oh2 is not displaying some temperature icons.
on sitemaps temperature item can be seen but cannot be seen for example in living item.

would appreciate wether anybody can help me on this stuff since it’s already been a week trying to solve it.

my definitions as follows:

for sitemap:
sitemap maui label=“Maui”
Frame label=“Espacios” {

Group item=DORMI1 label=“Dormitorio Principal” icon=“bedroom”//poner icono
Group item=DORMI2 label=“Dormitorio Niños” icon=“bedroom”//icon=“door” poner icono
Group item=COCI label=“Cocina” icon=“kitchen”// poner icono
Group item=LIVING label=“Living” icon="sofa"
Group item=BALCON label=“Balcon” icon=“terrace”

Frame label=“Temperaturas”{
Group item=TEMPS label=“Temperaturas Maui” icon=“temperature”



and for living item:


String Temperatura3 “Temperatura Living [%s ºC]” (LIVING) {mqtt="<[mymosquitto:home/temperature/living:state:default]"}

Switch Living2switch “Luz Mesa " (LIVING) {mqtt=”>[mymosquitto:home/luces/living2:command:ON:1],>[mymosquitto:home/luces/living2:command:OFF:0],<[mymosquitto:home/luces/living2:state:ON:1],<[mymosquitto:home/luces/living2:state:OFF:0]"}

Switch Acond3 “Acondicionador " (LIVING){mqtt=”>[mymosquitto:home/aires/living:command:ON:1],>[mymosquitto:home/aires/living:command:OFF:0],<[mymosquitto:home/aires/living:state:ON:1],<[mymosquitto:home/aires/living:state:OFF:0]"}

Dimmer Dimmer2 “Dimmer Light [%d %%]” (LIVING){ mqtt=">[mymosquitto:home/luces/living3:command:*:default]"}

If you mean, when displaying the group of items icons are missing? Yes, if icons are not set in the Item definition itself, then there is no source of icon information for group members to be displayed.
Solution A - define icon in Item
Solution B - do not use Groups in sitemap, you get little choice about the display. Use frames and so on to allow more flexible and tailored displays.

Thanks for your reply.
had made a mistake on my last post.
my item definition as follows, which understand is in the line of your “solution A”.
Pls. revert if i am wrong.


String Temperatura3 “Temperatura Living [%s ºC]” (LIVING) {mqtt="<[mymosquitto:home/temperature/living:state:default]"}

There is no icon defined for that Item



String Temperatura3 "Temperatura Living  [%s ºC]" <temperature> (LIVING) {mqtt="&lt;[mymosquitto:home/temperature/living:state:default]"}