Possible issue with healing zwave network

I have been seeing some stability issues with my zwave network. I have tried a few things and now the zwave stuff is staying up for more than a day at a time, but i am seeing some odd messages about healing the network failing. The odd thing is that the zwave stuff seems to still work, lights can be turned on and off etc, but I am seeing devices being reported as offline.
As a test a started openhab, then let everything settle. Some battery devices are sitting at request_nif, which i am assuming is ok since they they will need to wake up before that completes.
I then did a network heal from habmin on just node3.

Here is my debug log https://bitbucket.org/snippets/imacdonald2/GroyXa

then i try again later and the same thing

and i see in the logs
2020-02-08 07:54:09.095 [DEBUG] [ng.zwave.internal.protocol.ZWaveNode] - NODE 3: Can not start heal as initialization is not complete (UPDATE_NEIGHBORS).

So i am wondering if after the first heal fails that the node is put back into initialization phase, but since the controller thinks it is online the binding never takes it back out of initialization. Then over time i start getting a bunch of network heal errors. This is just a thought, i am sure what is actually happening in the code.

I am also open to ideas to try so that network/node heal works correctly with out timeouts which I think would also solve my problem, since node healing doesn’t seem to be working well.

I am on 2.5.1-2 on openhabian

There are a number of issues with the heal process. I won’t list the issues again, but you can find them here on the forum, as well as in the issues list in the zwave Github repo. Several of us have disabled the nightly heal due to these issues.

The heal process uses the same state machine as the initialization process, therefore, when the heal doesn’t complete, the binding reports that “initialization” is not complete. In your scenario, the above message just means that the heal is not complete.

In some situations, the heal will never complete, and can only be resolved by restarting openHAB. It also leaves initialization threads hanging around that also never go away without an openHAB restart. This is why some of us have disabled the nightly heal.

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I have exactly the same issue, see this thread. There’s some more info on how healing works. No solution yet unfortunately.

Thanks @robbert @mhilbush I have turned off healing for the moment.

In the meantime, a bugfix was made by @chris , that fixes my issue and possibly also yours. You may want to try the development snapshot to see if it helps in your situation.

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