Possible to expand card by taphold?

Hi @tarag, unfortunately I see that your great enhancement (taphold) does not get the traction it deserves probably also because it is hidden in the label card advanced config menu.
I think this is really great as it is a more intuitive way to open a context screen/menu instead of trying to hit the three dots in the upper right corner of cells.

I have some questions:

  • I see that taphold is just available for oh-label-card and oh-button. Will there be a support for cells or are they aleady there and I cannot find it?
  • Is it possible to expand a card by taphold, i.e. show the default slot of a card/cell?

Can I be annoying and ask for a video description of this? I’m interested, but I’m afraid I might not be following the tap hold concept…

What do you mean? A video on how to use taphold and see the popup page appear?

Yeah. Sorry if it sounds dumb, but, it is just a “tap the screen” to pop up a sub menu? Or must we keep the finger in the screen…? I’m not quite following…

no problem. yes, you tap&hold the card for about 1 second and can release the button. then the popup appears. It is the same result as you would have defined it via action: popup

The release of your finger is irrelevant. Even if you tap&hold for 3 seconds, the popup already appears after 1 second.

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Ohh… that’s… interesting. Thank you for your time, it’s clear now :slight_smile:

Sorry but tap-hold (or contextual menu click on desktop) is only available on oh-label-card and oh-button widgets for now.

It could easily be added to other widgets but this is an additional development.

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Hi @tarag, sorry to ping you.
I have noticed that tapholdaction popup has some problems when releasing the button after the popup has appeared on the screen.
On iOS devices the popup automatically disappears and on Android devices the popup appears twice.
This behaviour only appears when releasing the button after the popup is visible. But if you waited another 2 seconds the tapholdaction popup works fine.

I just trealized there is already a ticket opened for this