Possible to have two views/configurations from one setup?

Using (still…) openHab 1.8.3 server on a Raspberry Pi 2B (32bit, quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor).

I have a complete setup running openHAB server on a Raspberry Pi, working fine. I also have installed the Android openHAB client application on both my tablet and my smartphone.

I was wondering if I could have both a “full” view openHAB client (like I have on my current smartphone and tablet) and also a “slimmed down” view openHAB client on another tablet/smartphone.
The full view has full control over all lights and so on, the slimmed down view must only have control over a limited amount of lights.

Intention is to give lesser control to other persons using the tablet/smartphone with the “slimmed down” view.

Can something be done with the sitemap (that is, having two configurations in one and the same sitemap and select one configuration to have full control and another configuration to have limited control)? Or another approach?

Is that possible and if so, how?

Yes, create another sitemap with only the exposed devices required
You can specify which sitemap to use in the app

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