Possible to shift Z-Wave primary controller from Zipabox to openHab?

The time has come to make openHab the primary Z-Wave controller (with Aeon Gen5). I don’t see any way to do the shift from the Zipabox - am I right in thinking that my only option is now to reset the Z-Wave stick, exclude all Z-Wave devices from the Zipabox, and add them again to the Gen5 stick?

I had a noname stick and shifted it easily to the Aeotec Gen 5+. I mentioned that here:

But I’m not sure the Zipabox will allow me to do this. I don’t think there’s any way to carry out that procedure with a Zipato controller. I gather that you need to initiate the process from the primary controller.

You use the backup software that I mentioned to make a backup and then restore it on the new stick. It was that easy.

But how would you do that with the Zipabox? It’s a home automation controller with Z-Wave built in, not a Z-Wave stick.

Ok, I didn’t know that. Then I am rather low on hope there. Sorry.

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Yeah, me too :roll_eyes:

It’s looking like a long weekend of running around the house adding all the devices again and recreating the things.

Do you know if I need to exclude all the devices from the secondary controller as well as the primary before I reset the Z-Stick and convert it into a primary controller?

I did a test and it looks as if, once the device is excluded from the primary controller, it’s also excluded from the secondary.

I’m not sure if the above is entirely true. My SIR countdown timer certainly appears to be excluded from all Z-Wave networks after excluding it on in the Zipabox, the primary, but I’m not sure about other devices I’ve excluded. Including and excluding on secondary controllers doesn’t seem to work, but there is apparently a “request network update” function in the PC Z-Wave Controller software that should update the secondary with changes on the primary. Tonight I plan to finish excluding all the devices from the Zipabox, so I’ll try this before factory-resetting the Z-Stick. If I can’t exclude all devices from both controllers, I presume those devices will have to be factory-reset too.