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Good stuff, Bruce. This option would be great.

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I just searched on Rich’s find. This forum seems to thrive on team work.

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Yes @moderators can use “Set Topic Timer” from the wrench menu, but we would need to individually do so for every thread. That’s applicable to topics were’re involved in but it’s not feasible in general).
OTOH, if someone finds/continues an old or ancient thread, well that’s the amount of common sense any user has to bring. They probably learn quickly when noone answers.

More searching says that is incorrect. sigh


I see there are some auto close features based on topic/message size. Can I automatically close topics after a duration? For example, after n days have elapsed with no reply, could the thread be closed?


Yes, you can do this at the category level:

  • go to the settings for the category, go to the settings tab, then “auto close topic hours”

Or at the topic level:

  • click the wrench on the right, “set topic timer”, and choose from the many options available


Nope. Sigh
I wrote:

If you tell me how to access Category settings I can do, but I have not found that option.
Admin can, moderators likely cannot.

Fair enough.
Who is the Admin here?



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Thank you.

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I am. What shall I do?

Good morning @Kai :slight_smile:

The idea here was to auto-close topics after 6 Weeks, was proposed, of inactivity since the thread hijacking is getting out of hand.


Ok, I have set auto-closure after last post to 1000 hours for all categories.
Let’s see if that leads to a crashing forum, because it will have to close 95% of our topics tonight ;-).


Thanks. You realize you could have spread out the initial load, right?
Are you going to warn DigitalDan or just let it crash?

I doubt that there will be any issue!

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Thank you again.

The change looks like it is only for new threads. That is a start
Is there any way to have somebody review and lock the ancient threads? Perhaps some automated script or semi-automated reporting?

Somebody just commented over a 2 year old thread!

Any other ideas @kai?

Hey @Bruce_Osborne maybe you didn’t notice but the “auto close after x time” is active.
It does not close old topics since it’s one month+- from the activation of the feature to be auto-closed.

And I think it’s good like that, since people need to adjust.
The best we can do now is communicate.
Let me just quote @rpwong since I can agree with him very much.

I looked at the referenced topic, and it’s a completely new user.

Yes I can understand your frustration, but it would be best to enable the new user to behave in a desirable way.
That would be beneficial in my eyes.

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It is working for threads created after the setting change. I believe the older inactive ones are still open like the one I posted from 2017.

Hmmm seems like it. Just checked a post from 2015, no message about

There is a way how to do it in bulk, see:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.where(closed: false).where("created_at < '2015-01-01'").find_each do |topic| 
  topic.update_status("closed", true, Discourse.system_user)

But in my opinion this is would be to broad.
If there is a way to be more precise like

created_at < '2015-01-01' AND last_response < '2020-01-01'

The AND last_response < '2020-01-01 is completely fabricated by my mind, but this should be possible.


I just did some database exploration and tested the following in my own little discourse setup and can confirm this works.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.where(closed: false).where("created_at < '2019-01-01' AND updated_at < '2020-01-01'").find_each do |topic| 
  topic.update_status("closed", true, Discourse.system_user)

And yes my forum now looks a lot like this :smiley: close and open since I wanted to revert these changes.

Thank god does auto backups every 12 hours and I can just revert the fuzz. :metal:


All topics (effected by the query) suddenly had a NEW notification since the “System” User closed/opened the Topic :grimacing:


If this option is being considered, I can provide my Discourse as a testing environment :stuck_out_tongue:

Paging @kai to see if we can improve the situation further. If this were done in steps (1 year at a time?) that could reduce the server and email load.