Power Monitor - Whole House (2024)

Evening openHABers,

I was interested in starting a conversation about whole house power monitoring options in 2024, both for my own knowledge and to help others searching as most results are now quite old and I’d hope there are additional options in 2024.

What are people using / recommending?

My scenario:

  • openHAB 4 running on Ubuntu 22.04 VM
  • I already have a ‘clip-on’ power meter “eco-eye” which is 10+ years old which I can get live consuption / generation data from
  • I’d ideally prefer to have an in-line ‘hardwired’ (not ‘clip-on’) solution to give as accurate results as possible, and if there is a solution that already gives daily/weekly/monthly data all the better
  • We do have a 4.2kw Solax inverter which we currently don’t connect too. I’ve read a little of the Solax Binding and this may give me a solution. Has anyone used it? Does it give both generation data AND whole house consumption data when not generating? :crossed_fingers:
  • I have NO limitations with regards to location of device, I have plenty of room around electric meters
  • It DOESN’T necessarily have to be a proprietary device, if I have to build / tinker with something (hardware or software) so be it