Powering screen of via command line (windows)

I got a question concerning windows (batch) scripts.
For my smartmirror project i moved from Linux to a windows system, sounds weird, but IE is much faster.
I installed ssh/openssl via cygwin. So now i am able to connect from my linux machine.

Are there any tools for windows, that can be launched via cygwin to power the screen on/off.
i tried nircmd, but that did not succeed.
On a linux system: tvservice is the tool for changing video settings (at least on a raspberry pi)

Cygwin can run windows executables. I’d try something like what’s described in the SO answer (with the syntax adjusted for Cygwin):

Note that they are activating a black screensaver rather than turning off the screen but that might work for a smart mirror.

sorry, but a black screensaver won’t set the screen into “sleep mode”

I use Eventghost and MQTT to put my monitors to sleep.

in my .items file
Switch GamingPC_Monitors "Gaming PC Monitors" <computer> { mqtt=">[openhab:/eventghost/events/GamingPC_Monitors_Off:command:OFF:1]" }

In eventghost I have an MQTT event listening for

which fires off and sets monitors to power off mode. I know it’s not command line but this is how I made it work myself. Hope it helps.