PPTs and Presentations for openHAB - Anyone has the actual page/link?

A while back, while browsing this forum and ‘surfing’ whatever links were included, I ended up on a page that had multiple links to presentations that ‘explain’ the raison-d’etre of openHAB. It was, if I recall correctly, a collection of presentations given at some conference on HA (maybe in Berlin?). I must have bookmarked such page from a different computer and can’t find it today.

Anyone can point to such page. Sorry, not too detailed of a description.

Thank You,

The Blog page has several past events listed and the presentations that were given.

Also, there is an “Events” section of the openHAB main webpage. I think some presentations are listed under the various meet up events.

Thank you very much, that’s exactly it. I’m bookmarking this on all my devices :slight_smile: