PR artifacts on build server


I created a PR for the Jeelink binding and tried to download the jar file that is then automatically build on jenkins. I used the following URL for the jar:

Even though it has a build date that is newer than my PR, it does not contain the classes that I added in my PR. Do I have the URL wrong? Or is the jar overwritten by the next build from another PR? Is there an URL that I can distribute to people for testing purposes?

Had your PR been merged? Only those prs that have been approved and merged into the baseline become part of the nightly build.

No, it’s still WIP. But as it is build on jenkins after every push, there has to be a build artifact on the server. I thought I can send the artifact URL to other users so they can test it.

Does it build properly on your local maven? Unmerged PRs are available for testing, but I forgot the directory where they go.
Maybe a temporary issue, did you try again with another amend commit?

Yes, it builds without problems on my pc as well as on the build server. Shortly thereafter, there is a new version of the binding available under the URL is posted above. But the timestamp of the jar changes later even when I do not further commits.
I have downloaded two versions of the jar (but none directly after the build that was triggered by my commit), and both did not contain my new code.
So either the URL is wrong, or it is overwritten by subsequent builds.

Sounds like an issue in build process. You may have to raise it to build maintainer team. Guys, any clues who might that be?

Meanwhile you can share it using a github free account.