Presence badge not shown in location card

In the location cards I see badges for temperature, humidity, light, door.
But the badge for Presence does not work.
my simplified setup:

Kitchen (class kitchen)
|-> MotionSensor (class motionDetector)
    |-> Contact (class Point_Status, relatesTo Property_Presence)

But if I put it like this

Kitchen (class kitchen)
|-> Contact (class Point_Status, relatesTo Property_Presence)

the badge is shown.

What am I doing wrong here? All the other badges work when put in Equipment.

I read (and followed):

  • Platform information:
    • running in a docker
    • openHAB version: 4.0.0.M1 - Milestone Build

Is this problem similar to this issue here?

I’m also on 4.0M1 in docker and my presence items inside equipment properly display badges on the location cards. The problem here is most likely in some of the finer details of your item configurations, but you haven’t shown us those.

In general, this is not actually helpful. As in this case, attempting to simplify the information actually leaves out all the relevant pieces. Don’t worry about flooding the topic with info, the more the better, because the more likely someone can see the issue right away. Give us everything.

here it comes



I have my equipment as just a “Sensor” semantic class not a specific “MotionDetector” class. See if that makes a difference, and if so then you should probably file a issue in the UI repo, because I would expect a motion detector class equipment to trigger the motion badge as well.

Putting it as a sensor (only) did not help.
Here [Design/Spec] Location semantic cards: header · Issue #556 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub it is mentioned that it should work with any equipment
→ I will open an issue

Problem seems to be fixed now
I set the sematic class to “Measurement” and then back to “Status”.
I am now on openHAB 4.1.0.M2