Presence detection with AVM FritzWLANRepeater

I like to extend presence detection.
It works with my AVM FritzBox router using the MAC address of the devices. Devices logged into the FritzBox by WIFI or LAN are detected as online by OpenHab.
I also have an AVM FritzWLAN repeater which connects to the FritzBox router. But Phones and devices which are logged into the repeater are not visible to OpenHab.
Has anyone an idea how to go along?

Switch to using the network binding, it detects based on assigned IP.

Thought about that too. But the Devices go to sleep and do not reliably respond to pings.

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

I would be interested in a solution, too.
I am using a FritzBox as repeater and am having a similar problem so that presence detection is not usable: