Presence detection with things that do not respond to ping

I’m trying to setup an action for when I return home after being gone. to accomplish this I’m using the network binding to ping my phone and my watch. the problem I’m running into is my watch (FitBit Versa 2) does not respond to network pings. Is there another way to detect if it’s connected to the network?

What are you using for networking and does the watch connect to it via WiFi?
If you use Unifi, you could use their binding to identify when a device is “home”.
I am not sure about other routers though.
Another option might be a Bluetooth presence detection (I experiment with this for room-based presence detection).

if you own a fritzbox, use the tr64 binding

Dose anything show up if you do a port scan?

You can also get data through the api. This may not help though