Presence icon not working

  • openHAB version: OH 4.0.3 on Docker (raspi 4)

I have have a group “rooms” with items (rooms like 110, 111, etc.); all rooms have a presence icon (power on = green; power off = red); alle room items (Icons) works fine with KNX integration (power on/off)

within the group “rooms” all icons work fine (presence green/red)!!
but if I integrate the group “rooms” in a in a page, like:

component: oh-list-item
action: group
actionGroupPopupItem: rooms
after: =items.rooms.state
title: Raumbelegung

… only the first icon (room) does not work (no presence state!).

what is wrong?

br hobaka

hard to tell without that you provide a comprehensive explanation of your setup but I’d guess your group does not have a proper aggregation function.
There’s different methods to determine what the group state be: ON if at least one member is ON, ON only if all members are ON etc. You have to define that function, search the docs for how to.

thanks you your quick reply;

sorry for the misunderstanding problem description: the aggregation part of a group ist not the problem – the problem is, that only the first icon in a list widget of the group (within pages) does not show the presence state green or red (all other icon works fine in the list)

What Markus means by

Is that you have mentioned in your description many other configurations that you haven’t shown us, any one of which could be the source of the problem based on what you have told us. A good rule of thumb is that if you mention it in your question, you should show it as well. Don’t assume that anything is obvious, more often than not the problem is in one of the “obvious” areas, so if we can’t see those, we can’t find the problem. Don’t worry about making posts too long or adding too much information, that’s always better than giving too little information.

How is this defined?

Custom icon? OH icon? one of the external icon sets?

  1. always try to post code in code fences
code here
  1. You say integrate into a page, but only show us the widget itself, not the integration. What does the page code look like?

Even with the extra "no presence state" just saying does not work could mean 1 of 100 different things. Don’t just tell us, show us. Color doesn’t change? Icon doesn’t display? Wrong icon displays?