Presence rule with a "ping" to my mobil

Hello everybody,

I’m just thinking about how I can get a presence rule in OH3.
I think about a rule that pings my cell phone with a fixed IP every 2 minutes whether my cell phone is at home or not. How could you do that? Furthermore, if e.g. 2 hours the rule does not report anything and then my mobile phone recognizes my front door is open during the day Has anyone ever done something like this via ping to a cell phone?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

You want to look at the Network binding.


thanks the very short answer. It seems my expectation to a guidance step by step help under OH3 from an expert which have done this before, was NOT successfully.


Those experts took their time to write the documentation, the least you could do is read the article Rich has pointed you to.
What you are seeking is the main use case of the mentioned binding. This has been explained in detail several times on this forum, so a search might be useful as well.

Since we want to go there, I put in exactly as much effort answering your question as you appear to have put in trying to work out an answer your self.

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