Presense or wait for futures

hi guys,
for me, i was a old fhem user and switch now to my favorite project openHab-v.2.xx :: THX for all Dev’s !!!
Everything works fine, but my the Present -Task is unresolved open.

Sure, i’also read this thread, (Best Presence detection), but with not solution.

What we have for OpenHAB-2:
|- GPS
|-- OwnTracks
|— MQTT (it works)
|---- mqttitude (doesnt work, why? can’t find solution)
|-- Locative with Geofences
|— see, “”, currently don’t tested, its to java panic for me, for so simple problem :wink:
|— for me, not private solution
|- MAC /Wlan Activity, why not, BUT
|-- Fritz!Box TR064 Binding(doesnt work with, i.e. my Box:3390
|-- Problem with Android & IOS sleep mode
|- Hardware, i.e. DoorOpen ?
|-- not solution for me.
|- open solutions ?

I have tested everything except for the project locative from owehrens(

have i forget one task? give me reply.

Because it worked at me with the fhem project with MAC(android) and I think it on the simple can work away.

@openHab DEV’s, how are you solutions for the future ?


I use Owntracks w/ MQTT and extract my lat / lon using JSONPATH transformation, then I have a rule that checks the distance from current location

currentLocation.distanceFrom(homeLocation) (currentLocation and homeLocation are both PointType variables

Problem for me is that OwnTracks doesn’t update my location fast / often enough despite having the setting in Owntracks properly configured. So my lights turn on between 1 and 2 minutes after I arrive (too late for me!)

Leaving home works fine for me since it’s not time sensitive and the lights turn off correctly.

rule snippet:

       var Number mFromWork = currentLocation.distanceFrom(workLocation)
       var Number mFromHome = currentLocation.distanceFrom(homeLocation)
       switch mFromWork {
    		case mFromWork < 500 : { PresenceJF_Work.postUpdate(ON)  }
    	        case mFromWork >= 500: PresenceJF_Work.postUpdate(OFF)
    	switch mFromHome {
    		case mFromHome < 500: { PresenceJF_Home.postUpdate(ON)}
    		case mFromHome >=500: {PresenceJF_Home.postUpdate(OFF)}