Presistance (influxDB) Data Incorrect - How to delete?

I have a weird issue pertaining to an item and persistance.
I’m using InfluxDB as my persistance provider.

The item i am monitoring is a door reed switch as a “Contact” in openhab items.

I can get previous state and other values no problem via persistance but when i attempt to get the date/time of last change its going way back in time:

For instance:

The following rule:

rule "vTest"
Item vTest changed
logInfo(filename+".vTest", "Previous State: ["+ vGarageDoor.previousState(true).state +"]")
logInfo(filename+".vTest", "Last Opened ["+vGarageDoor.previousState(true).timestamp.until(now, ChronoUnit.SECONDS))
logInfo(filename+".vTest", "Last Update ["+vGarageDoor.lastUpdate +"]")


The previous state is correct, its the date/time that is incorrect. If i were to rename the item to another name and test persistance it works no problem so it appears there is some error in influxDB.

InfluxDB reports the following:

Is there a way to delete the item “vGarageDoor” from influxdb so all historic data is gone and it creates this item from scratch?

or another idea?

I managed to delete this measurement and it fixed my problem:

influx delete --bucket openhab_db/autogen --start 2015-03-01T00:00:00Z --stop 2023-11-14T00:00:00Z --predicate '_measurement="vGarageDoor"'