Pressing a Setpoint and hold

Hello all, I’m new and tried to google this,it has probably been answered before but i can not find it.
I have a Denon reciever in my setup and using openhab to control it. Works perfect! :slight_smile:

However I have both a slider and a setpoint for the volume control, the slider is too small for me to fine-tune the volume so i want to use the setpoint instead.

But i can only get it to step up one time per push. I would like it to continue stepping up when i hold the arrow up and down like a normal volume control works.

How would i do this? I am thinking it requires a rule to do so, but can not get it to run.

Dimmer DenonZoneTwoVolume “Volume [%.1f]” (All) { denon=“avr2000#Z2ZV” }

Slider item=DenonZoneTwoVolume icon=“spacer”
Setpoint item=DenonZoneTwoVolume icon=“spacer” minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=0.5


Thank you

A rule won’t help you here unfortunately. This is a UI issue and Setpoint simply doesn’t work that way. If you click and hold it will only send one event to openHAB. A slider is the only way to have continuous updates like that.

Thank you for the reply.
I am sad to hear about the obvious limitations in the design. i was hoping it could be scripted.

I will have to live with that, is there a way of increasing the size of the slider ? :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of. Though I will mention that on the web page it uses up/down arrows that work just like you are wanting. It only uses an actual slider bar on the phone clients.

You might look into some of the other clients (e.g. 3House, GreenT, etc). The slider may be more manageable using a third party client.

Thank you, just noticed that GreenT has not been updated for a while. So i am thinking i wont be doing that, maybe i should just try to make my own client. :slight_smile:

thanks for your input.