Pressure Gague (Wifi)

Is anyone familiar with a wireless pressure gauge I can use on the pool pump which will report back to OH? I have a pump that will build up pressure and need to be backwashed, I travel frequently and would like the HA system to get a notification that Echo could speak or be alerted in any number of ways.

ive never seen a commercial one, but itsz on my list to add a pressure sensor to my Pool controller.

Using a sensor like this:

My poolcontroller is arduino based, so should be easily integrated.


the solution from @greg sounds very interesting. I’ll also plan to integrate the pool to our HA system, so I’ll keep that in mind.

But back to your question:
@KidSquid: To integrate such a Sensor you may have a look at the ESP8266. It’s a cheap wifi controller. You could use the ADC to monitor the pressure but note that it is only 3.3V tolerant.